Stock trading with Interactive Brokers.

In case you missed my news, I am now a customer of Interactive Brokers. Stock trading was something I always wanted to deal with and I think the time has come. Up to now I had been trading the Greek stock market but the commission and the rules of the Greek stock exchange have been a stepping stone for me. Interactive Brokers offer me the opportunity to trade all stock markets around the world from my office; and for a much smaller fee!

Here’s a German stock bar graph using the interface of Interactive Brokers.

I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting this broker but honestly up to now they have provided excellent service, without even starting trading yet! I opened my trading account a week ago although I had tried once again before. It wasn’t that long time ago, but at that time the registration process was quite time consuming signing a lot of agreements and providing a lot of details about the trader in question. Fortunately they have changed the procedure lately and now opening a trading account with Interactive Brokers doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

I will keep you updated about my actions at stock trading and what kind of service the broker offers to the trader. It is the first time I’m using a foreign broker for stock trading and this experience is very new to me.

So if you happen to be a new stock trader and haven’t decided which broker to choose, keep in touch since eventually this blog will feature quite a few broker reviews. Hopefully, I won’t need to move my business ever again!