18% Capital Gain by 7 Long Positions in Stocks


7 stocks I’m long since December have increased my trading capital by 18%! These stocks include the biggest winner, PerkinElmer (PKI), and also Kellogg Company (K) that recently bought Pringles from Procter & Gamble. The total cost of purchasing those stocks 2 months ago was $22K. Nowadays the market value of my stock portfolio exceeds $26K. Stop loss and profit target orders have been set right from the start of trading, so I occasionally just scan the market in case I need to move the stop loss higher, securing profits and minimizing the risk. Of course those are not the only stocks I went long in December – meaning I am not 100% correct! The rest of the stocks hit their stop loss orders during the last weeks closing out my positions, costing me about $1000.


When Kellogg Company announced the acquisition of Pringles, K stock gained 5% in a day. Kellogg also announced a cash dividend with ex-dividend date of 28th of February and I don’t think I’ll be selling any Kellogg shares until then, so $65 more are coming my way (150 shares and declared dividend cash rate at $0.43).


PerkinElmer Inc stock has been proven my best stock pick gaining almost 40% in the last 2 months! Although I was quite happy by [intlink id=”2310″ type=”post”]Polycom (PLCM) stock pick’s performance[/intlink] gaining 30% much sooner, the daily stock chart of PKI is the best example of a strong uptrend nearly hitting my profit target. Since the double bottom in December and the breakout that occurred later that month, shares are gaining almost each day! What’s more the open gap’s fill in February’s early days helps in order to move the stop loss up, much closer to the current trading price of the stock. I have submitted my sell order at $28, as major resistance is apparent at that price level since 2007 if traders look at the monthly chart! My initial risk had been $200, but now I’m looking to make $1,000 out of this trade for a 5-1 reward-risk ratio!