Apple stock price to rise after acquiring face recognition software

face-tracking-social-buttons-phoneRumors online say that the Polar Rose company, specializing in face recognition software and technology, has been purchased by Apple. Mobile face recognition applications would be another Apple innovation, that could boost the stock price to new all-time highs. On the other hand, consumers might not be interested in socializing that much!

The Apple stock price has been climbing since the founding of the company but cannot break above $280 during this year. The resistance the stock found at that level is so strong that it forced the price below $240 at least 3 times in 2010. Perhaps this rumor when converted to news will provide the necessary force for the stock to reach new highs!

The rumor has surely surfaced at an interesting period of time, since the Apple stock had 13 almost consecutive positive days during the last 3 weeks. The stock fell only on the 9th of September and showed a strong reversal pattern on Friday’s close after gaining about 15% since the beginning of the month. With just an hour remaining for the day’s close, the stock price has finally overcome the resistance level and is now trading at $282, a little higher than the all-time high of 21st of June.


Adding face recognition capabilities to Apple applications seem to do the trick for the stock price. Of course the company might not need any rumor to watch its stock price gain speed and keep on climbing. After all it is one of the most successful companies, but the news have surely added the much needed strength to break out of the trading channel.

Here is a video showing how the face recognition software can be possibly used with a mobile phone. I guess most men would find it useful when trying to get the telephone number of that beautiful lady. Who needs a telephone number when you get her Twitter without even talking to her!