Complete US Stock Symbols List of NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX

Finding a complete stock symbols list of US stock exchanges in my first steps of stock trading was surely discouraging. Financial websites offer numerous stock tools and screeners to play with their online stock data, but it seemed new traders aren’t welcome to download a full symbol list in their personal computers. A stock symbols’ list is essential for stock analysis and monitoring the stock market, since many applications of [intlink id=”58″ type=”category”]trading software[/intlink] require proper formatting during the stock symbols’ import. While you may have already visited the NASDAQ website, chances are that you have missed the complete list of stock symbols the stock exchange offers for download. To save you time and trouble, I have downloaded the full symbol list including stocks of NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX and combined them into one Excel spreadsheet.

The stock symbol list is available for download in CSV format via the official NASDAQ webpage. Stock data includes last traded price, full name of the company, market capitalization, IPO year, sector and industry (although these show N/A status) and also a hyperlink back to the nasdaq website directing to each stock’s individual page. The two most valuable columns in stock investing are last traded price and market cap. Traders often filter the stocks they keep an eye on depending on the price range. For instance, traders regularly are interested in trading stock between 10 to 100 dollars per share or if their trading capital allows it, they may scalp 3-digits share prices. Market cap on the other hand helps them to stay out of trouble, in case they invest in stocks of small capitalization. A very common criterion is to trade stocks of more than one billion dollars capitalization.

The complete list of stocks in the Excel spreadsheet includes all the available data of the NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stock exchanges sorted by market capitalization and is accurate as of 6th of May, 2012.


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