Get Free Online Stock Quotes with Ninja Trader

Free online stock quotes is necessary when you start stock trading and Ninja Trader has been the best trading software up to now. Delivering End of Day (EOD) historical data for free when combined with Kinetick service cuts a new trader’s costs to the minimum, until they gain experience and knowledge experimenting with stock charts. Apart from being regarded as one of the best trading platforms, I find Ninja Trader a great charting software as well. I usually fire up Ninja Trader at the start of the day, connect it to Kinetick free EOD service and Ninjatrader downloads all online stock quotes at the background. You can’t beat the price of Ninja Trader when you are looking for free stock market quotes!

When I began researching for free historical data online, most of the time I ended up to some paid-for service, which provided stock quotes for a price. I had to either subscribe at least for a month or pay for any kind of stock quotes’ download I thought valuable. Getting started in [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]stock trading[/intlink] includes studying about technical analysis, fundamental analysis and reading other traders’ journals to catch up with the general idea of online trading. You have to at least do whatever others do and take one step ahead to make money. At one point though you really need to have access to stock charts, before you figure out just how you are going to trade the stock markets. And to have that for free is the best strategy you can follow when starting out.

Wannabe traders like myself at the beginning really need to minimize the initial cost of their investment. Surely they are going to invest a lot of time, no question about it. But do they really need to spend money on some kind of expensive software, so that they find out whether they can beat the market? I think not, so I found extremely useful the Ninja Trader software. I have tried many demos and trials of popular trading software and I have even been an Esignal subscriber for a couple of months, although I used Esignal service for day trading purposes. In the end of the day, having access to free online stock quotes is a blessing for any stock trader who wants to develop their trading system before committing any money. Besides, [intlink id=”1332″ type=”post”]I liked more Ninja Trader software than Esignal\’s[/intlink]!

You can certainly find free stock market quotes at several websites about finance. Yet, you have to surf each day to their web addresses and hop from one link to another, until you find the stock chart and information you are looking for. Ninja Trader might not have a stock screen out of the box, but setting indicators and other filters as criteria to sort out interesting stock charts helps a lot to maneuver through hundreds of online stock quotes.

How to get free stock quotes with Ninja Trader and Kinetick

First you need to import stock symbols in Ninja Trader instrument manager. Having done that, all you have to do is click File, Connect and Kinetick – End of Day (free). It’s really that simple. Ninja Trader will begin downloading stock quotes found in the instrument manager, until it downloads all available historical data, including the most recent trading day. You can even check stock charts while it’s downloading the data, populating the stock chart with downloaded data! Market analyzer – ninja trader screener function – will also be populated with data as it’s being downloaded, although you won’t be able to sort correctly by the column of your choice, until all stock quotes data has been downloaded.

You can also setup free online stock quotes download via Yahoo or Google servers.

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