Memorial Day/Whitmonday: US and some European Stock Markets Closed

memorial-day-whitmonday-holiday-stock-marketsAll US stock markets and some stock exchanges in Europe are closed today, due to Memorial Day for the former and Whitmonday for the latter. Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Swiss and Austrian stock markets are closed. A trading calendar including all holidays is always useful if you are a regular in [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]stock trading[/intlink]. Although major European markets are open, I’ve decided to take a look at the Greek General Index chart where stock prices have been plummeting lately. Since the double top at the index’ high (850pts) on February, the Greek stock market is suffering a prolonged downtrend, severely accelerated by the Greek elections in May. As political parties failed to reach an agreement for governing the country, Greece is once again heading into elections in June. How lower can the Greek market dip until then is something to find out in the following 3 weeks.


Next Monday (June 4) is also a holiday for quite a few stock exchanges, one of which is the Greek stock market (Orthodox Whitmonday). The other one is the London Stock Exchange which is closed for Spring Holiday.