Greek TV Fight in Twitter’s Worldwide Trends while Greek Stock Market Plunges

Kasidiaris’ name of extreme right-wing party, Xrysi Avgi, is included in today’s Worldwide Trends of Twitter after the – now viral – Greek TV fight between him and communist party member, Liana Kanelli. The two parliament members picked up a fight after both Kanelli and Rena Dourou of SYRIZA had verbally attacked Ilias Kasidiaris, who lost his temper and ignited today’s most popular scene in social media! In the meantime Greek stock market continues plunging to new lows with National Bank of Greece stock (NYSE:NBG) being traded below €1!  Will Greek stocks be bottoming any time soon? Greek election in 2 weeks will probably have an impact on Greek economy, much like the Greek TV fight video’s impact on Greek social media!