News Corp iPad Newspaper to Boost Stock Prices

nws-stock-chartNews-CorpMashable and Techcrunch are discussing about the announcement of News Corp iPad Newspaper launch but should that news boost the NWS stock price above the resistance level? The new iPad newspaper will be called The Daily and News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch, is claimed to be satisfied if 5% of the iPad users purchase the iPad application. Each edition of the digital newspaper will cost $0.99 and there are high hopes for a new era in digital journalism. Then the NWS stock will surely boost its price above $20 and maybe go for all-time highs at $26 or more per share.

I remember when I watched Minority Report, where Tom Cruise touched monitors and moved images and videos with his hands. minority-report-newspaperThen there were people in the subway reading digital newspapers which got updated instantly with the latest news. When Tom Cruise hit the news as a wanted criminal, every front page of the digital newspapers featured his face and all passengers recognized him in an instant. Perhaps we are closer than ever to that era, since all that remains is the iPad to become much thinner and lighter. Besides, there is already the technology of a paper-like screen that features touch capabilities but the cost is still high.

rupert_murdochRupert Murdoch is certainly looking into the future. Considering the internet revolution and how altered our lives in terms of information sharing in the last decade, the media sector needs to evolve and stay up-to-date. People have now access to free information and news travel at a light speed through blogs and websites. The piece of news that was breaking news 6 hours ago it’s now old news. Readers need to know the latest news right at their palm and iPad now offers that. News Corp will not be the only digital newspaper of the future, but it is betting to become the first one. Moreover, people won’t stop getting the news from blogs and their favorite websites but a digital newspaper will certainly become popular among iPad users.

That popularity could help the NWS stock to get away from the relative inactivity of last months. After a serious drop of its stock price from $25 in 2007 all the way down to $6 in 2008, it is now trading at $16. If they eventually provide the first iPad newspaper chances are that the stock price could see better days and break above the resistance levels or even all-time high. It will also depend on how much the new product will affect the iPad industry and customers and whether a rival comes up fast with a better product. Until the launch date of the News Corp iPad newspaper though, iPad users will keep on educating themselves in the same way they are doing since the iPad hit the market.