Actress turns into Stock Day Trader

What if I told you that a stock day trader decided to turn into acting? That would raise some eyebrows for sure. What about the other way around, like in Rachel Fox case, the 16-year-old actress who turned into stock day trader. Rachel Fox has appeared in shows like Desperate Housewives and in the film Dream House with Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts. She also made an interview on Friday for Yahoo! about her move to stock trading, the title of which I paraphrased for this post. Still, I had the chance to interview her 3 months ago when I was contacted by her PR representative. I haven’t replied; yet.


When I first read that email, I was surprised that a Hollywood actress would want to be interviewed for… stock trading and specifically day trading! Of course by biggest surprise was that I myself would interview her. I don’t believe my online trading blog has been that popular to be interviewing famous people at this point.

I have had quite an experience as a blogger in the last 5 years, so upon re-reading the email I regarded it as part of an advertising campaign, promoting and letting the world know of Rachel Fox’ website about stock trading and investing. Besides, Breanna from Plastick Media, who contacted me in last November representing Rachel Fox, informed me that they are relaunching the website, Fox on Sports, where Rachel would provide insight and education to people wishing to learn investing. Hm, a 16-year-old actress educating people about online investing. How does that sound?

According to the email:

“She is currently studying for her Series 6 License, a FINRA securities license that will broaden her knowledge and allow her to sell specific financial products, like mutual funds and variable annuities.”

I would normally not discuss about this email and move on with my life. Yet, I noticed that her recent interview to Jeff Macke is in the front page of Yahoo! Finance for 4 days now! Did I miss a great opportunity?

So, I spent 10 minutes and watched the interview. I also read the top 10 of the 1,500+ comments! Readers are definitely not convinced that Rachel can be a successful day trader. Yet it’s not just Rachel, it’s that day trading is certainly a tough way to make money. Almost all top commenters agree that no one can make money from stock day trading! It’s like “playing in Las Vegas – eventually everyone loses”. They predict that Rachel would be broke in 5 years, like other wannabe day traders who fortunately had their day jobs.

Only time will tell whether Rachel would manage to be profitable via day trading stocks, or it’s just an expensive campaign to promote her website and make money by selling financial products. And by the looks of it (a Yahoo! interview at the front page?!), I would bet on the latter. On the other hand, making a genuine attempt on day trading shouldn’t be ruled out. Yet, it’s going to be difficult, if her secret is “going strictly by her gut”, as she says.

Of course I could reply to Breanna and do that interview, if she is still available. Would you?