Swing Trading Day 9: Positive Profit and Loss

The stock portfolio of the swing trading system still shows a positive profit and loss statement after almost 10 days of testing the strategy, despite the realized loss of $1,200. On Monday’s close of the market the unrealized profit of 22 stocks comes down to $1,450 for a net profit of $250. Bad news is that I neglected the system the past week and didn’t add any new positions. Good news is that there are a couple of interesting stock charts to analyze.

NXPI stock was the worst performing stock of the portfolio. Due to a bad calculation of the stop loss and the number of traded shares, the resulted loss amounted to about $200, that is double the normally expected loss per trade. The stop loss was hit as soon as the support level failed.


Trading ACI stock proved to be the most successful trade until now. I bought ACI stock on day 2 of the swing trading system for $6.48 per share and traded out on Thursday (day 7) at $7.95 for almost $300 profit (200 shares).


Another trade that was completed on day 8 began on the very first day, when I short-sold 300 shares of ORCL at $31.70. A week later I bought back half of those for $30.60 and kept 150 shares in case ORCL stock price went lower. The trailing stop loss I used was hit two days ($31.15) later, bringing the total profit down to $244.


Finally, S stock printed a gap up in the daily chart and the profit target that was set at the recent resistance level was overcome for additional profit ($145), closing out the trade at $5.94. That meant a 14% gain in a matter of days, since I was long 200 ORCL shares at $5.20.


Since today I am long IDTI and SPLK. Here are the two daily stock charts.


The three stocks currently showing the most unrealized profit in the swing trading portfolio are X, ANR and BX.